Hi! This i'm snail, and this is my website! It's going to be very bare bones, and i'm not gonna update often. Why do you think there's cobwebs in the background? I will not feel like using it as a diary or image gallery, so its kinda just a buncha portals. Im gonna try to make a buncha shrines in the Blurbs page. See links for places where i'm more active, and the about me to learn why you would wanna do that in the first place! I don't know man, im just chilling.


  • -Start making Red Rafflesia's site.
  • -Figure out how to make those css icons work so instead of - it can be a cute spiderweb.
  • -finish this fucking website !!!!!!
  • -make buttons glow when hovered over
  • -once im done making this index prettier i gotta actually. make the shit it links too . :[
  • -for some reason when you zoom out, the links and the main box's bg dont really scale? theyre supposed to. for the sake of responsiveness. im gonna throw up

Here, take a map!


10/31/23 : Happy Halloween! Check out my comic, red rafflesia :DD!!!!!!!! PLEASE ITS LESBIANS ITS FVAMPIRE......

6/3/23 : Wow look at that gap! anyways happy pride month, the first one after 2 years of making fun of french people, where i didnt immediately get a lot of french people angry at me at the beginning of the month. Thanks Elon for making twitter dogshit, this is your fault. ANYWAYS- i finally finished the look i was going for. Will i fix the problems with zooming out today? idk im writing this before im finished working on it.

2/25/23 : site gets worked on but definitely not finished ! fuck you. you shouldnt even be looking at this freakshow right now. i hate css.